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Sauna Rental Agreement: RENTAL CONDITIONS AND TERMS-- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY PRIOR TO YOUR SAUNA RENTAL. Four Elements Nordic Sauna LLC - Mobile Sauna Rental This Rental Agreement must be signed by principal “Renter” ie. individual who holds the reservation/booking and/or pays the majority of the rental fee. Renter must be an adult. Four Elements Nordic Sauna LLC is “Rentee/Releasee.” I, the undersigned, understand/agree that sauna use may pose a risk. I am aware of these risks and that I have read, understood and signed Four Elements Nordic Sauna LLC “RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISK” prior to use. I, the undersigned, understand/agree that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ADDITIONAL GUESTS not accounted for by Four Elements Nordic Sauna LLC at time of booking, and that I assume all risks associated with additional guests using the sauna. Please share copies of “RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISK” for additional unaccounted guests to read, understand and sign should they choose to participate. I, the undersigned, understand/agree that I will ensure that any minor will be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult, and that both of the aforementioned have read, understood and signed “RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISK” and that copies of this document have also been left in my care should any unaccounted minors wish to participate. I, the undersigned, understand/agree that sauna use, hot and cold exposure, and human physiologies vary for every individual and that I have no underlying medical conditions that may disqualify me from sauna use. I agree that if I am uncertain of this I will conduct my own research and consult a physician prior to use. PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES/USE/ACTIVITIES No metal jewelry (may burn skin), alcohol, smoking, drugs, food, metal, sharp objects, breakables (glassware or glass equivalents, ceramics) are to be used in the sauna. Note: Metal water bottles are not suitable for inside of the sauna. DO NOT fuel the fire using any of the following: propane, butane, gasoline, diesel, starting fluid, or any other flammables. Do not spray extremely cold-water on the front or sides of stove or stove-top rocks as this will cause rapid internal temperature increase and potential steam burns. Do not rest any part of your body on the stove-guard- metal surfaces are hot and may cause burns. OPERATION OF STOVE / HEAT SOURCE Use only natural fire-starter sticks/logs, tinder, kindling and fire-wood in stoves. No other fire materials are permitted in the Iki sauna stove. Newspaper shreds are allowed to start the kindling. All stove surfaces are hot and can cause burns, use metal curl handle and stove tool provided to lift stove access and load fire-wood and adjust the bottom tray for oxygen flow. Surfaces include: Exterior metal stove and surrounding protective flashing, Interior stove surfaces and hot rocks, interior/exterior chimney flue surfaces and anything metal within the sauna. Only clean water is to be poured on sauna rocks. All other liquids are prohibited. Sauna interior is vented for natural air movement - if internal temperatures become uncomfortable, open the sauna vent located above the top bench, open the door to release any excess heat or smoke, or remove yourself from the sauna. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER before, during and after your sauna experience. EQUIPMENT AGREEMENT/CLEANING FEE By signing this agreement the Renter accepts full responsibility for the care of the equipment (sauna, stove, trailer, and all sauna accessories) they are renting and is responsible for any damage, beyond regular wear and tear, caused by its use. The Renter agrees to pay for any damage to the equipment, and to replace the equipment at full retail value if it is lost or stolen. Both the Renter and Rentee/releasee have inspected the equipment to make sure it is in good condition on the date of this agreement. The Renter understands that there will be a $250 cleaning fee charged at the discretion of the Rentee/Releasee if the sauna and trailer are left in a ridiculous state of uncleanliness. Do not clean the sauna using chemicals and fragrant soaps. CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellations within 2 weeks will be charged a 25% cancellation fee or reschedule free of charge. Cancellations within one week are non-refundable. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 AND ADDITIONAL GUESTS Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the sauna while the wood stove is in use without being accompanied by a parent, guardian, or responsible adult. Additional guests not accounted for during booking are not permitted to use the sauna without signing “RENTAL AGREEMENT AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISK” Please advise Four Elements Nordic Sauna LLC so that we may provide the necessary forms. By signing this agreement, the Renter assumes all liability and risk for additional guests who have not filled out the aforementioned forms as well as their education on safe use and best practices. MOBILE SAUNA DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP TIMES Four Elements Nordic Sauna will always do their best to have a timely delivery and pick-up. Sauna delivery requires a solid flat surface that can be safely accessed by truck and trailer. For your safety, Four Elements Nordic Sauna has the right to refuse rental if there is no safe place to leave the sauna. Renter shall not move the sauna and trailer to another location. SAFETY MARKINGS/SIGNS By signing this agreement, you agree that you will abide by all sauna safety placards/markings FIRE EXTINGUISHER USE By signing this agreement, the undersigned agrees that they have been briefed on fire extinguisher operation using the instructions listed on the extinguisher located on the sauna/trailer unit.

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