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Hi, I’m Calli.

I am a former Spanish immersion teacher, yogi & stay at home mom to Ty, 5, and Jade, 3. I am passionate about all things health and wellness, always wanting to share the benefits of my journey with those around me, which is why I started Four Elements. Sauna, breathwork, cold exposure, and yoga have transformed my life and I cannot wait to share this practice with you. 

I have been on a deeply transformative journey since December 2022. A diagnosis of shingles not only caused immense pain, but also complete paralysis to the right side of my face. My recovery has been a long + slow process. I have learned a lot during this time of healing, finding solace, relaxation, and hope through sauna, breath work, and cold exposure during my ongoing health crisis. My mission is to deliver the unbelievable benefits of this practice to all who surround me. 

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